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Training you to be your best!

Supreme Training is a Personal Training & Fitness company in Middlesbrough, designed to train you to be physically at your best and provide you with the right tools to improve your nutrition and mentality. Supreme Training also gives you the drive and knowledge to succeed in exercise and anything else you decide to do.

Why choose Supreme Training?

Sean McPhillips is Supreme Training’s founder and trainer...

"Our motto is ‘Training you to be your best’. To be able to live up to the motto I have to do exactly the same thing with my own work by constantly researching, attending seminars and continuously looking to develop my knowledge and skills to pass over to you. One thing though, I am not a ‘jack of all trades’ I do not have all the qualifications under the sun as I am very careful on what courses I go on. I only attend courses/seminars if it is going to benefit me and my clients."

As Bruce Lee once said - "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times"

A relationship of trust!

At Supreme Training we build a relationship of trust. Whether this is in a one to one session or one of our fitness class. This is vitally important as you must have confidence in what I am telling you and I need to know you are giving 100% in and outside the gym.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Do you want to be your very best? Of course you do! We will take care of your personal training requirements, tailor made to get the very best out of you to get you feeling fit and healthy.


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Fitness Classes

Training Classes

Supreme Training, Middlesbrough lead numerous fitness classes including Circuit Training, Kettlebells and our popular Body Blast Boot Camp. If you're looking to get fit this year, give us a call and make that difference!

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