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The Basics! Below I have attached a picture of a session I have just knocked up. It is not for anyone specifically. Obviously depending on your goals this programme will look different, whether its more exercises, less exercises, more assistance work, more core work etc. It will all depend on you, and your specific needs.

Once warmed up (going through movement patterns, preparing your nervous system and priming your muscles for the activity ahead. Not 10 minutes on the Cross Trainer). Start off with the move that is going to take the most focus both physically and mentally. This is what I would call a technical or skill move e.g.  Snatch or Clean and Jerk. 

When you have finished the technical move, you should now feel fired up and ready to go with some strength work, e.g. Bench Press, Squats, Deadlifts.


After doing the technical move and strength move your nervous system will be pretty beat up by now so be careful not to do anything to stressful, and by stressful I mean something intense that needs the cognitive ability you no longer have. It doesnt mean you can't still work hard. Its now time for an assistance exercise (Something that will help prevent injury and/or assist a previous movement become better) e.g. Bent Over Row, Bicep Curls, Light Conditioning Drills. 

Again depending on your goal this table could look very differently, if you're into Body Building there would definitely be more sets and reps. If you play a sport you need to think whether each exercise is going to benefit your performance. As mentioned above this isn't a plan for you to follow, it is something I have simply put together to hopefully help you understand the importance of planning.