2016 End of year blog!

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2016 End of year blog:

As we come to the end of another year, I’d like to reflect on what we have achieved, thank all of those who have bee involved, and give and insight in to the future of Supreme Training as we look forward to 2017.

The biggest change to Supreme Training happened very early on (1st January 2016 in fact!) when we moved from our 500 sqft facility, where we had been based for close to two years, and embarked on a new challenge of expanding to a 1000 sqft facility. This has helped me improve every service I offer from Personal Training clients, Group Training Classes, Powerlifting Club, and I now have more space to host seminars, which I have really enjoyed doing.

I have been able to invest in equipment that will help Supreme Training’s clients achieve their goals, and to the make the gym a better place to train. We utilise a 1000 sqft, and still compete with any gym in the area on the amount of squat racks and bench stations we have. Just as important, we also have space for people to deadlift or perform Olympic weightlifting.

Even though we’ve increased in size, our personal training sessions are still private, and are conducted with just the client and me. For me as a trainer, it’s very important that I can train my clients with my full attention whilst never having to deviate from that plan; for example, if somebody else was using a piece of equipment we may need. Regardless of how big Supreme Training becomes, a private PT area will always be part of my plans, so I can give 100% to the client in their sessions. The Powerlifting Club has continued to grow year on year. We’ve had an increase in members entering more competitions including regional, national and international (some of them breaking records along the way!) The growth of the gym, and the Powerlifting Club, has allowed me to host seminars with some amazing athletes and coaches. Here’s a list of seminars we’ve hosted in 2016:

- Laurence Shahlaei – European Strongest Man, World’s Strongest Man Competitor

- Stephen Manuel – U105kg British Champion, World Record Squat holder

- Brett Gibbs – U83kg IPF World Champion 2015, and Runner up 2016

- Mark Felix – Previously won England’s strongest man, and a regular at World’s Strongest Man Competitor.

- Mike Tuchscherer – Owner of Reactive Training Systems, an athlete with a winning background, and multiple IPF world records. And a coach with a track record of helping lifters win competitions all rounds the globe.

We have had people travel from all over the country to attend these seminars, and I’ve received some amazing feedback, which means a lot. I am looking forward to organizing more seminars in 2017, and getting more world-class athletes/coaches in to help develop the coaches, and lifters that want to invest in themselves.

On top of this, I as a coach have attended some great seminars this year to help improve my own knowledge. I am always looking to learn, and better myself as a lifter, and a coach. Some of the seminars I have attended include:

- Dan Green – World famous powerlifter, multiple world record holder

- Christian Thibaudea – Body Builder, Weightlifter, and World Renowned Strength Coach

- Boris Sheiko – Coached multiple athletes for the Russian National Team to world championships

- Dimitry Klokov - Multiple time world champion weightlifter, and multiple Russian world titles

As always, I will be looking to develop my skills as a coach in 2017 and will be attending more seminars.

The back end of the year saw Supreme Training open its doors for lifters to spend more time training here and we now run ‘Open Gym’ sessions at allocated times throughout the week. This has helped develop a team environment with everyone involved, with new comers to the gym always commenting on how welcoming the atmosphere is. Working together more often has definitely seen some huge improvements in our lifters, and I’d class myself in that as well. I definitely believe we have built an environment that helps breed success! Something I’d like to do more of in 2017 is to put out more information on social media platforms e.g. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook etc. And as my partner keeps telling me… to write more blogs!

If you are not already following Supreme Training on those social media networks, here are our links:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Supreme-Training-349623625052086/?ref=bookmarks

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/supreme__training/

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCldbCpDf9X__ewHs7Ytv1iQ

I’ll cut this blog here, as I don’t want to bore people. If you’ve made it this far, thank you! And as always, I am very grateful to every single person that has trained with Supreme Training, and to all the Coaches and participants that travelled to the seminars, whether it was from the UK, or across the Atlantic, thank you all, very much!

Here’s to a successful 2017!