Supreme Training Gym

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In January Supreme Training will be moving to a bigger facility, opening its doors to more members, and increasing the opening times significantly.

The gym’s opening times will be:


8AM – 9PM


6PM – 9PM


8AM – 9PM


8AM – 9PM


8AM – 9PM


8AM – 2PM



The gym will be semi private (No drop in visits):




Full Gym


Full use of gym, includes individualized training program.

PT Gym – Discount


For my PT clients. If you train once per week or more then you qualify for this.

Pay as you go - Taster


Pay as you go isn’t sustainable for small businesses. This is to see if you want to join the gym. If you do, the £10 will be knocked off your first month’s membership. If you don’t, you’ve saved yourself £35!

The aim of the gym is simple, results!

If you’ve trained with Supreme or followed us on social media, you will know we don’t use gimmicks, there’s no bullshit quick fix’s, we use smart training mixed with the main ingredient of hard work! That’s what gets the best results.

I will personally be responsible for everyone’s training, and the results they get. That’s what will make Supreme Training Gym different to others, and why the memberships will be limited, so I can focus on all our members. If you don’t want help with your programming, that’s fine, you will not be made to follow one, but I’ll be there for a quick form check, or to spot on a heavy lift when needed.

If you’d like to join, then please get in touch ASAP. It’s on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions about the gym, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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