Kettlebells - Scottish Open

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Ever since I took my first course I have had a huge interest in Kettlebells. I am not a trainer who believes that they are the be all and end all in the fitness world but I know that they’re a great tool when used correctly.

I like to use Kettlebells to strengthen the posterior chain and as a ballistic exercise, which can aid in generating strength and power in my athletes. Moves such as the swing, snatch and turkish get up have been part of my programmes for a long time and still feature in them today.

I started to take more notice in the competition side of Kettlebells when I realised how strong the athletes were and how heavy they were lifting in comparison to their body weight. I decided to train to competition level and asked the people who attend my Kettlebell class who wanted to be involved. James Carr, Darren Fields and Helen Hugill signed up straight away. After a few weeks of training we were hooked and wanted to test ourselves so we entered the Scottish Open 2014 which is part of the four nation’s competition -


We spent approximately eight weeks training for the competition with some of this time over Christmas which added to the dedication needed. Unfortunately not long before the competition Darren had to step down due to work commitments but I know he will be first there for the next competition!

In the weeks coming up to the competition we were all feeling great fitness wise but we all knew that our technique could do with some extra work. It takes a long time to master and perfect technique while increasing in strength and kettlebell weight.

I was competing in the Biathlon Event which consisted of the Jerk & Snatch and won the Gold medal in my category. James Carr competed in the Long Cycle and won the Silver medal in his category. Helen Hugill competed in the Snatch and was ten reps from winning a Bronze and eleven reps from winning Silver. More importantly than this we were all committed and dedicated to training and have now set a benchmark for us all to beat at the next competition which is the English Open in Manchester in April 2014.

I am trying to grow my team of Kettlebell Athletes and ultimately improve the participation in Girevoy Sport. If you would like to train with us and learn some new technique then please get in touch and become a member of Supreme Training’s Kettlebell Team!

Quick explanation of each exercise:

1 – Jerk: Pressing a weight above your head utilising the power from your legs and dipping underneath the weight to get it about your head -

2 – Snatch: The quickest way to get a weight about your head. With the Kettlebell you use the swing and momentum of your hips to snap the kettlebell up and over your head -

3 – Long Cycle: Uses a lot of movement hence its name. This move starts with a swing again using the power from the hips. The kettlebells are then cleaned into the rack position and the jerked above the head.

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