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You have being training your socks off,

eating the correct foods and you’re looking the best you have in quite some time. You have dropped a dress size, toned up and feel a hell of a lot stronger and fitter than you did several months ago. So you decide to jump on the scales which show you haven’t lost a single pound, or you may have even added a few!

Does the above sound familiar? As a trainer it’s a question I am often asked:

“Why am I putting on weight?!”

They key point to remember here is you are not putting on pounds of fat, you are actually gaining muscle which is denser than fat and the scales reflect this.

I have known women who have achieved incredible things and reached fitness levels that they never knew they could achieve. They were losing inches, clothes were fitting better and their friends were telling them how good they looked. But once they had weighed themselves and seen they had gained 2 – 3 lbs they stopped everything thinking it wasn’t working.

Whether you’re a trainer or not it is upsetting to see so many ladies give up on training, lifting weights and ultimately a healthier lifestyle all because the scales don’t say what they want them to.

My advice is simple

Unless you’re a competitor and what the scales say actually determines whether you compete or not I seriously wouldn’t take too much notice to what the scale readings say. Simply look in a mirror and analyse your body, feel how your clothes fit and avoid being obsessed with weight.

I have invited a woman called Lucy Doyle to share her “Scales” story with us. Lucy is on an incredible journey, she has been where you ladies are at and can 100% relate to what you are going through. Her story is truly inspirational and I hope it gives you the confidence to ditch those scales!

Lucy Doyle’s Story

I have been a scale obsessive for as long as I can remember. Even up until as little as 6 months ago my life, diet and training was still ruled by the wretched machine that was hidden under my bed. Just a few years ago I was weighing in at over 80kg; with two young children my morale was low. When I first decided to start dieting, I knew no different. Stuck at home and not really a social media fan the journey was a pretty lonely one. I did the best I could and followed various diets, the scales were my best friend as they would, in my mind, tell me the truth when my friends or family perhaps wouldn’t?

So several years passed and many kilos were lost, all achieved by zero exercise and various harsh calorie deficit diets. Fast forward to 2 years ago -My 30th birthday and I finally hit the magic number on the scale.

53kg - hooray I had hit my goal, felt great, looked great and was strong and healthy and FINALLY happy. Wasn’t I? The truth is, although the scales told me a positive story, the mirror and my health told a different story. Staring back at me was a thin and shapeless body, that oddly was very wobbly and why was I constantly ill? As for strong, I could not do a full single press up!

This was the day that I realised that it was in fact the scales that were deceiving me all this time- sabotaging my health and my mind. So much so, the scales had a friend.. yep that’s right I had bought a second set of scales, just to make sure the first ones were right when I weighed myself twice, morning and night.

My body fat was high 30% +, which explained the odd wobbly bits, even though I was thin (just bone and fat where I had used up the small amount of muscle) and I finally decided to stop believing in the scales. I won’t lie the last 18 months have been hard, a constant battle with myself to start trusting the mirror and tape measure. It took a long time and lots of baby steps to gradually trust my coaches and one day I finally felt strong enough to put the scales in my loft…

So the result?

I am the strongest, leanest and healthiest I have ever been, oh and the heaviest in 2 years. Am I bothered? Hell no!! Why would I choose a set of numbers over the physique I want!!

Girls, my advice is simple. Get your scales and deliver them to the nearest charity shop. Weight is soooooo last season! And if you doubt me, look at my before and after picture. I gained several kilos from the before to the after.

Lucy Doyle