About Sean

My name is Sean Mcphillips. I am a Personal Trainer and the founder of Supreme Training.

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2006. In that time I have worked with a variety of clients helping them all to achieve their goals, whether this is a single person wanting to reduce their body fat or a club requring me to work with their players/athletes to improve their overall strength and conditioning.

As well as Personal Training, I also instruct group fitness classes on a regular basis. I teach classes that I feel passionate about and that I believe people can really benefit from. I don't coach classes that are the latest trend that will only be around for a few months.

I have featured in many articles online and in various magazines (See publications in testimonial tab).

In the past I have trained and competed in several sports including Football, MMA, Running, Rock Climbing, Girevoy Sport (Kettlbells), Strongman, but I have finally found my calling! I am currently comepting as a Powerlifter and also run Supreme Training Powerlifting Club. I have competed at both regional (Yorkshire Northeast Powerlifting Federation) and National (Great British Powerlifting Federation) and who knows, hopefully one day at an international level! 

I am constantly trying to improve myself as a trainer so I can deliver the best service and advice possible to my clients and athletes. I am always working hard on keeping my qualifications up to date, and only going on courses that will benefit my style of coaching and training. As well as qualifications, I often attend seminars based around the UK. I am very proud of some the people I have worked with to help me become a better coach/trainer. I even went as far as traveling to Sacremento, California, to train at the world renowned 'Super Training Gym' owned by Mark Bell. 


  • NVQ Level 3 in Personal Training
  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • Active IQ Level 2 Gym & Free Weights
  • Offical Level 2 Boxercise Instructor
  • Creating Chaos Level 2 Kettlbell Instructor
  • VTCT Level 2 & 3 in Sports Therapy
  • QCF Level 3 Exercise Referral For Specific Controlled Conditions
  • British Weight Lifting Association Level 1 Assistant Coach
  • KBT Education Strength & Conditioning L1
  • KBT Education Strength & Conditioning L2
  • KBT Education Strength & Conditioning L3
  • Precision Nutrition Coach L1

Seminars Attended:

  • Ben Coomber – A performance nutritionist, educator, speaker, and writer. Ben runs his own podcast show (which is extremely popular amongst fitness professionals), and also train personal trainers to become better nutrition coaches through his company - Body Type Nutrition. 

          Ben Coomber

  • Andy Bolton – British Power Lifter, World Record Holder, and the man who knows everything there is to know about deadlifting! The first man to deadlift over 1000lbs (453kg's)

    andy bolton
  • Eddie Hall - Britains, and, Europes, strongest man, and all time deadlift world record holder. And no doubt, future worlds strongest man. 


  • Laurence Shahlaei - Big Loz, is an strongman competitor who has been at the top of the game for a long time. He's a previous winner of Englands strongest man, Britains strongestman, and a regular competitiro at world strongest man.

    Laurence Shahlaie

  • Delroy Mcqueen - Former commonwealth gold medalist in Olympic Weight lifting, Delroy made the switch to powerlifting and set multiple world records and is a regular competitor for his country in international powerlifting events. Delroy currently competes in the GPC, and has had his first invite to the famous 'Bosses 2 Bosses' meet. 

    Delroy Mcqueen 2

  •  Dan Green - He's an elite level powerlifter, and a nine times world record holder. Not only is he an incredible lifter, he is also a great coach, he runs the world famous 'Boss Barbell Club', in Mountain View, California. He also runs one of the most famous competitons each year, called 'Boss of Bosses'. 

          Dan Green

  • Boris Sheiko - Sheiko is the oly person in Russia who is an actual professor of powerlifting. He has published 150 artciles and 15 books on powerlifting. He was undeafted as the Russian head coach, between 1999 to 2005, winning 7 European & World championships. 


  • Dmitry Klokov – Klokov, a Russian lifter, is a legend in Weightlifting. He competed in the U105kg weight category.  He was a world champion and a silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. His best total was 428kg (Snatch 196kg – Clean & Jerk 232kg).


  • Stephen Manuel – Former world record holder in the Squat (331kg) and Total (861kg) at 105kg Body Weight, in the IPF. Stephen has competed at numerous world championships, and has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience.


  • Brett Gibbs – He’s a world champion and silver medalist powerlifter in the under 83kg category, competing in the IPF. His best total is 862.5kg (at a none IPF meet). Brett has competed since he was a junior and has been breaking records for just as long!


  • Mike Tuchscherer – Is the owner and founder of Reactive Training Systems, an online coaching service in which he has coached some of the best lifters in the world. Mike himself is a powerlifter in the U120kg weight category competing in the IPF. He’s set multiple IPF records and has won the IPF world championships, along with plenty of other awards.


  • Ray Williams – He’s a 120+kg powerlifter in the IPF and the best squatter on the planet, holding the world record of 477.5kg. Ray is a multiple time world champion, and continues to dominate.


  • Christian Thibaudeau – is a world-renowned strength coach. He’s trained athletes who have competed in the Olympics, UFC, NFL, NBA, and so many more. He’s also competed himself at a high level in weightlifting, and competed in bodybuilding.


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