Testimonials - Clubs

Teesside Skate Invaders

teesside-skate-invadersTeesside Skate Invaders joined up with Supreme Training following a recommendation from the girls from Middlesbrough Milk Rollers. Roller Derby is a fast paced and intense sport and requires a great deal of strength and condition training, which with Sean’s input our team has been able to benefit from a professional approach to training.

TSI are a developing team and with a varying range of fitness levels within the group, using Sean’s training we have been able to engage everyone so that training is beneficial development for the individual and for the team.

Middlesbrough Milk Rollers

Middlesbrough Milk RollersThe Middlesbrough Milk Rollers have been working with Sean to complement their on skates training.  Roller Derby is a demanding sport utilising both cardio vascular fitness and outright strength, Sean has been working with our Athletes to really develop a strength and conditioning programme which can take them to the next competitive level.

Our Members range from beginners right through to National Squad level Players.  Sean has managed to make sessions both enjoyable and beneficial to everyone, no matter what their current fitness level is.

Teesside Steelers

Teesside SteelersWorking with Sean at Supreme Training has been a huge benefit to the ladies on our team. 

Starting with the Women's Strength Program, Sean made sure that all our ladies knew how to handle the Steel in the gym; from patiently teaching those who had never lifted before to honing the technique of those who had, it certainly gave our players the confidence to pick up the weights and add new but very relevant elements to their workouts.

Guisborough Rugby Club

Guisborough Rugby ClubNot many fitness coaches are capable of delivering effective, challenging fitness training which is enjoyable for participants, but Sean has succeeded in doing that for Guisborough rugby club.

Having been asked to come and challenge a full senior squad and get them fit and prepared to continue what had been a successful season, Sean succeeded in really engaging the squad, by providing varied, but equally challenging, activities each week.

Middlesbrough ASC

Middlesbrough ASC"Middlesbrough ASC are proud to be associated with Supreme Training. Working on a regular basis with personal trainer Sean McPhillips, our land based program has been designed to be not only sport specific but progressive. Our swimmers have become more educated and body aware around what exercises will correlate to their pool work. Sean's committment to our swimmers has proved successful.