Middlesbrough Milk Rollers

Middlesbrough Milk RollersThe Middlesbrough Milk Rollers have been working with Sean to complement their on skates training.  Roller Derby is a demanding sport utilising both cardio vascular fitness and outright strength, Sean has been working with our Athletes to really develop a strength and conditioning programme which can take them to the next competitive level.

Our Members range from beginners right through to National Squad level Players.  Sean has managed to make sessions both enjoyable and beneficial to everyone, no matter what their current fitness level is.

The sessions are planned with sport specific exercises in mind. Not only do these sessions aim to make the Athlete stronger in their chosen area but Sean also helps to highlight common muscular weaknesses in the group training so we are able to really focus on improving technique during our drills back at training.

Sean is also a massive help outside the gym.  He is willing to work with you to help improve nutrition and guide you on supplements to improve the quality of your training to help to achieve your own personal goals.

The weekly Team sessions are quickly proving to be a big motivation in getting our players focused and serious about their training.  We can’t wait to see what impact this training has on our competitive season this year!