Teesside Skate Invaders

teesside-skate-invadersTeesside Skate Invaders joined up with Supreme Training following a recommendation from the girls from Middlesbrough Milk Rollers. Roller Derby is a fast paced and intense sport and requires a great deal of strength and condition training, which with Sean’s input our team has been able to benefit from a professional approach to training.

TSI are a developing team and with a varying range of fitness levels within the group, using Sean’s training we have been able to engage everyone so that training is beneficial development for the individual and for the team.

While individually we all have an active exercise routine, with the help of Supreme Training we have been able to tailor our work out programmes to include Sean’s sport specific exercises which help focus our training as a team.

The weekly sessions are always enjoyable, due to Sean’s friendly approachable nature has helped the team become more involved with the sessions providing support for the others taking part. Sean’s expertise extends from the training schedules, advice to help improve nutrition, the supplements that will complement the training and equipment which can be used at home. 

The guys at TSI have already seen personal gains from Sean’s training and the agony from the sessions is certainly paying off and we are confident of the long term gains.