Personal Training Middlesbrough


If you choose to take the option of personal training you will be working directly with personal trainer, Sean McPhillips. You will both discuss what your goals and aims are and what you want from your training sessions. You will be guided through each session with a watchful eye making sure you are using correct techniques and working at the right intensities. Throughout each session you won’t just be told to do this or that, instead Sean will educate you in a way so that you will benefit from your training long into the future.

Body Composition

The first personal training session will start with a Body Composition Assessment. This includes measuring your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Measurements
  • Body Fat Percentage

This will then be monitored throughout your personal training journey to ensure the figures are going in the right direction. These are great indicators as to what is and what isnt working within your training programme. 


Supreme Training Members Group

You will also be added to a group for Supreme Training Members Only, where you will be educated on all things training, nutrition, and supplementation. You can ask questions and interact with other trainee's. All in the aim to give you a great support network to help you succeed in your training goals.


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