Lee Oxley - Fitness Enthusiast

Lee OxleyI started using Sean's circuit classes to inject a good mix and better balance to my training and found it to be very useful. Increasing my fitness levels and helping to head my training in the direction I wished to take it with noticeable results throughout.

I would say that no matter where your level of fitness is at these sort of classes will be beneficial to you and there are certainly results to be gained. The circuits are tough but rewarding no matter what your ability and you will see this for yourself at the end of each class! What I will say though is that for someone who has not done a lot of fitness or circuit work before or any beginners looking to get fit you should certainly not be put off and it would come highly recommended.

The atmosphere is second to none with people of all backgrounds and abilities attending. Sean is a top bloke who is good at what he does, very patient, very friendly and always happy to help. He takes a genuine interest in your goals and ambitions which will no doubt shine through in any of his one on one sessions. This goes for the group too, a real good and friendly atmosphere where you will meet and greet lots of like minded individuals. I would recommended Sean's classes to anyone with an interest in fitness or an aspiration to get fit.