Lindsey Brown

Before I started Body Blast Bootcamp my fitness levels didn’t even exist. I would get out of breath running up the stairs. I’d lost a lot of weight and thought I needed to get in shape and tone up. So when I heard about Supreme Training starting a Bootcamp I instantly thought ‘I am definitely going to go’. So I went to the first class along and found the class itself really hard and I struggled to begin with but I was hooked!

I decided to stick at it and even attended eventually built up to training five times per week attending Bootcamp, Circuit and Kettlebells. I had increased my confidence and started to make friends.

As the weeks have gone on my fitness levels have gone from nothing to through the roof. It’s given me the confidence to be proud of my body and stumped up the courage to wear shorts again after a lot of years wearing baggy clothes.

I have also noticed huge increases in my strength and posture, I will 100% continue to go to as many classes as I can attend and would urge anyone to join it’s the best thing I have done, Thank you Sean & Team Supreme!