Stuart Sheridan

Stuart in a DeadliftI started playing rugby when I was 29, I am 6 foot 3 and 22 stone, played 5 aside and was a regular visitor to the gym so thought I had all the attributes to hold my own, how wrong I was. In my first season not only was I so inflexible, players also threw round I like a rag doll half my size, it was quite a wakeup call.

I made the decision to train with Supreme Training over the off-season to improve my weak areas. The difference when I returned to preseason training was clear to see, I was hitting harder, running longer and my flexibility was now allowing me to become a real threat.

At the end of the season I won player of the season and player’s player of the season and this is largely down to the excellent specific training I got from Sean.

Sean is a PT who identifies what you need and pushes you to achieve it.

I cannot recommend Sean highly enough.