Terri Sudron

Terri SudronI currently play Roller Derby for the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers and England Roller Derby.  As a coach for The Middlesbrough Milk Rollers I was seeking new ways to get the team to the next level.  Part of our area for development was the fitness of the Team.  

I stumbled across Supreme Training on another local Teams’ Facebook page.  After discussing our requirements with Sean, he implemented a one hour weekly training session for the Team to build on our Strength and Conditioning.  I find this session great for improving my strength, fitness and mental toughness.  Overall this session is beneficial in helping build a team as we all endure the exercises together. Since beginning Training with Sean MMR have risen in the rankings table to 3rd in the UK as well as currently being ranked 8th in Europe.

In February 2014 I was selected to represent England Roller Derby at the World Cup to be held in Texas, Dallas in December of that year.  Part of my preparation for that tournament weekend, in which we’d be expected to play 7 games over 3 days, was personal training sessions with Sean.  Sean did a lot of work on my mental toughness during this time, ensuring I would be prepared for the most intense games both physically and mentally.  The team came away with 6 out of 7 wins and a silver medal, losing only to USA.

I have also been training Olympic lifting with Sean after completing one of his beginner courses.  Since completing the course I have continued training on a weekly basis and have seen significant improvements to the quality of my lifts.  The sessions are attended predominantly by women and are in small enough numbers that you are still able to get quality coaching on your lifts.   The sessions can include, accessory work with bands, working up to maximum weight lifts, or higher volume sets.  All are guaranteed to give you a challenge whatever you’re capable of lifting.