Gemma Peregrine

Gemma PeregrineI moved to Middlesbrough at the start of 2015 and started training with Sean at Supreme training as part of the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers group PT sessions. 

My previous training of running and general strength work was no longer cutting it for my sport but with Sean's focus on sport specific strength and conditioning, my game has improved over the last 6 month. 

He keeps it interesting teaching us a variety of lifts and movements while making us push ourselves to achieve our full potential. I am also entering my first novice powerlifting competition soon, before I started at Supreme Training I didn't even know how to squat. 

I also attended one of Supreme Training's beginner courses on Olympic lifting and now attend a training session aimed at improving my lifts every week. The atmosphere is supportive and fun while we work on the lifts.