Chris Jenkins

Chris JenkinsI first met Sean on one of his circuit classes. When I wanted to do some personal training to suit my sport I knew who to turn to.

His personal training is superb. After a basic getting to know each other session Sean put together a program for me suited to my goals and targets. He went away and did his homework and came up with exercises I hadn't done before. Every time we trained we did something different. This made it more challenging and interesting. Sean also took the time to send me training sessions that I could do at home or the gym plus useful information on dietary requirements for training days and rest days.

I still keep in touch with Sean for advice and attend his circuit and kettlebell classes. He is always available on the phone or via email for advice and overall I can personally recommend his personal training and his classes would suit beginners or experienced gym goers. I would say the day I started training with Sean and Supreme training it changed my attitude and outlook for the better.