Aaron Colley

Aaron ColleyI came to Sean at Supreme Training because I wanted to build some muscle mass and fitness before I left on holiday for three months. I tried multiple times to try and figure out a good diet and go to the gym, but just never could keep myself motivated for more than a week.

I started attending Sean’s Circuit class on Tuesday and found it fantastic as it was a fun way of keeping fit and every session was different with new and inventive equipment and different variations on exercises. Because of this I started personal training with Sean.

The best thing I found with training with Sean was that he keeps you motivated and pushes you to do things that you would never dream of trying by yourself in the gym, because of this you start to feel the benefits of the training really quickly.

Just talking to Sean you can tell how passionate he is about what he does, and you get the sense that he cares about your goals and what you want out of the training. I personally would recommend him to anyone and would like to thank him for helping me towards my goals!