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Sean McPhillips is Supreme Training’s founder and coach.

Supreme Training’s motto is ‘Training you to be your best’. To be able to live up to the motto I have to do exactly the same thing with my own work by constantly researching, attending seminars and continuously looking to develop my knowledge and skills to pass over to you.

I am a strength based coach, and I can help get you fitter, leaner, and ultimately healthier. I can help you refine your technique and guide you to the platform if that is your goal or I can help you improve your knowledge on training and nutrition so that you can optimise your results.

I am constantly trying to improve myself as a trainer so I can deliver the best service and advice possible to my clients and athletes. I am always working hard on keeping my qualifications up to date, and only going on courses that will benefit my style of coaching and training.

As well as qualifications, I often attend seminars based around the UK or organise seminars myself. I am very proud of some the coaches and lifters I have worked with (see below).

Supreme Training has been alive and kicking for close to 10 years. For several of those years I ran Supreme Training from a facility. Starting out in a 500SQFT unit, eventually moving another two more times finishing in a 2500SQFT unit. The gym went from a few personal training clients, to me coaching local sports teams, starting Supreme Training Powerlifting Club where we would regularly have 10+ lifters compete at competitions, I’ve coached lifters from beginners entering their first competition to lifters competing at the world championships. 

I closed Supreme Training Gym down to focus on a new career within the British Army, but I continue to coach athletes online. It is more than just a business or a hobby for me, it is an absolute passion!

Myself, I have strength trained for 15+ years. In this time I have definitely made more than my share of mistakes and learnt from them. I have competed in Strongman, and even more so in Powerlifting. I have also played sports where I have needed to work on other aspects of strength and conditioning to be a better athlete.  

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Rick Randall

I’ve almost been at Supreme for 3 years now. And apart from being stronger physically and mentally. More importantly to me, is that I’ve inherited a family. One of the biggest aspects for Supreme Training is the amazing people who train there. It’s a close family that excels in giving people motivation and an attitude…

Lauren Bennett

If you are looking for a new place to train then I can’t recommend Supreme Training Gym highly enough. Sean makes sure you have a bespoke programme tailored for exactly what you are wanting to achieve and motivates you to reach your potential. I have been training for a couple of years and feel a…

Helen Noteyoung

Sean at Supreme Training provides a safe and positive environment to take your training to the next step whatever that might look like. I started at Supreme Training 2 days a week and have since jumped to 4. The weekly individual program that’s written for me takes any pressure off working out how to develop…