Delroy Mcqueen

Delroy Mcqueen

Listen to this episode of the Supreme Training Podcast with guest, Delroy McQueen, A former Commonwealth Weightlifter turned Powerlifter. Del competed in Manchester and set two new Commonwealth Records in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. In Powerlifting, he has several World Records and big competition wins.

Delroy McQueen Podcast

*I am reposting the episodes from our 150 Podcast that are on YouTube!Another fantastic episode talking to a guy who has so much knowledge when it comes to all strength sports. Delroy Mcqueen knows how to get you strong. So this video is worth a watch no matter what your abilities are. Delroy has won multiple powerlifting competitions on a world stage and before his time in PL he won the Commonwealths back in 2002 in Manchester in the sport of Olympic Lifting!

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