Laurence Shahlaei

Laurence Shahlaei

Listen to this episode of the Supreme Training Podcast with guest, Laurence Shahlaei AKA Big Loz, A Worlds Strongest Man competitor, and winner of Englands and Britain's Strongest Man competitions, and owner to several World Records.

Laurence Shahlaei Podcast

*I am reposting the episodes from our 150 Podcast that are on YouTube!In this Episode Me (Sean) and James got to chat with long time Strongman and Strength Athlete - Laurence Shahlaei who has competed in countless World Strongest Man competitions and has become Europes Strongest and Britians Strongest man! Big Loz has also had a number of set backs in his career and overcome advertisty on many occasions. So it's fair to say you will take a lot away from this video, so please give it a watch, like and a share!

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