Agility Training

Agility Training

What is Agility Training?

Agility Training simplified is working on changing direction quicker and being more efficient with your footwork and movement when running. Athletes ranging from fighters to football players all work on improving their agility and improving their performance and reducing their risk of injury as they will be moving more efficiently. 

Examples of Agility Training: 

  • Shuttle Runs.
  • Lateral Running.
  • Backwards Running.
  • Quick Direction Changes.
  • Ladder Footwork Drills.
  • Reaction Drills.
  • Cone Drills Utilising Forwards, Lateral, and Backwards Running.

Agility Training should be done by competent athletes who can master each running movement's correct technique before throwing them all together in cone drills. Once warmed up Agility Training should be carried out with similar intensity as a game would have, to make it more specific and to ensure it has a crossover to your performance. 

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