Improve Your Military Press Immediately!

Improve Your Military Press Immediately!

In this blog, I am going to write about my tips and things I have done with clients to help them improve their Military Press. I am going to keep this simple; to improve your Military Press you need to improve your rack position. Most lifters will know what this is, but if not, read below.

What is your rack position?

  • Your rack position is the start of the lift. It’s the position you start in after un-racking the barbell from the rack.

  • The barbell will sit in your hands close to your shoulders.

  • Your elbows should be pointing down towards the floor.

  • The barbell will likely be between your clavicles and chin depending on your shoulder mobility.  

Please see the videos below:

Correct start position
Incorrect start position

Why does this improve your military press?

If you think of the movement you’re performing, you want to drive the barbell up over your head with your arms fully locked out. If your elbows are pointing straight down to the floor, it will mean your wrists and hands are in the correct position and no energy will be leaked/wasted during the movement, and it makes the movement a hell of a lot safer and reduces your risk of injury to your shoulders.

I hope this has helped you; I have tried to keep this as simple as possible. Thanks for reading!

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