Speed Training

Speed Training

What is Speed Training:

When looking to improve your speed it is important to understand a little bit about how speed and strength are tied together and the consequences that can have on your training.

Below I'll list the strength continuum so you can understand the different types of training plus the required working percentages to utilise them effectively:

STRENGTH SPEED - 50% - 75%
SPEED STRENGTH - 20% - 30%

First of all, we'll look at STRENGTH SPEED, this is a type of speed training where strength is also a big factor, how strong you are will massively affect how fast you can move something. This is a type of training utilised by weight training. To develop strength speed you need to use around 50% - 70% of your 1 rep max and lift the weight as fast as possible while maintaining control of the bar and the movement. Working within the 60% + range can have a positive impact on hypertrophy as well. 

Then we have SPEED STRENGTH, this type of speed training will only develop your fast-twitch muscle fibres and will do very little for hypertrophy as you will be working within the 20% to 30% range of your 1 rep max. To get any benefit from this type of training, you can't do the same exercises as for strength speed as the working percentage is so low that there would be next to none if any physiological effect on the nervous system or muscles. For this type of training, you'd need to find more challenging exercises so that you can still recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibres needed to develop your speed. Explosive exercises like Squat/Deadlift Jumps, using as mentioned above, 20% - 30% of your 1 rep max. You can also develop this by using utilising other equipment and working through planes of motion that you would in a sport, e.g. A boxer could use a weighted medicine ball to generate maximum power through a rotation with a Med Ball Throw/Or Slam.

Last but not least we have ABSOLUTE SPEED, this facet of speed training requires no resistance and is very simple, it includes sprinting, jumping, bounding, changing direction, without any resistance because the main goal for this type of training is purely to increase speed. 

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