Training four, five, six days per week and still not getting the results you claim you deserve?

Blaming it on your metabolism, genes, or that one beer you had two weeks ago? 

What’s probably happening is, you’re not working hard enough. Yes believe it or not, you can train six days per week, and not be working hard enough.

Stop adding more volume to your training, and start adding intensity!

The biggest thing I see lacking in most peoples training is INTENSITY. I’ve seen this firsthand over the years, and once this is addressed, surprise, surprise, the results start to show.

What do I mean by intensity when it comes to training then. I don’t mean run around and complete everything as fast as you possible can, that’s not intensity, that’s a good way to get injured. What I mean is, control your rest periods, and make sure the weights are challenging enough, throw in supersets, tri-sets, and even giant-sets. If you’ve got a set of 10 Dumbbell curls, and a set of 10 Tricep Pull Downs, don’t rush them, execute each rep with perfect form, and superset them, that right there is a basic way to increase the intensity, but remember, the weights have to be challenging otherwise you’ll just get out of breath with little to no benefit to the muscles.

That’s just a very basic way, but one thing I’d also suggest, is paying attention to the shit you’re actually doing. Notice how a powerlifter when attempting a 1-rep max can’t chat about what they got up to last Thursday? Ask a strongman what he had for lunch when he’s doing the atlas stones; you’ll probably see it all over the floor if they actually tried to tell you.

So when you’re in the gym performing your overhead presses, and you’re casually chatting about what happened on Eastenders, then, I can tell you, your training intensity is too low, you’re not working hard enough, and the results will show that.

There are many ways to change intensity, but the three biggest ones would simply be WORK HARDER, SMARTER, and FOCUS on what you’re doing!

I promise you, if you do these three things, your body composition and strength will improve. You’ll be able to cut your six sessions a week, down to four solid, intense, and focused driven sessions.

Here’s an example of a quick routine and how to make increase the intensity:

Main lift:

Bench Press 5x5 @70%

Auxiliary work:

DB Chest Press 3x8

Barbell Bent Over Row 3x8

Military Press 3x8

Pull Ups 3x8

Now lets increase the intensity:

Main lift:

Bench Press 5x5 @70%

Rest 45-60 (Stand up and move around, don’t play on your phone)

Auxiliary work:


DB Chest Press x8

Barbell Bent Over Row x8

Rest 45-60 seconds

Repeat 4 rounds


Military Press x8

Pull Ups x8

Rest 45-60 seconds

Repeat 4 rounds

The aim of this blog isn’t to bash you (unless you are talking about Eastenders…) It’s to hopefully highlight a few things you can change you better your training!

Get out of your comfort zone, and start pushing yourself.

Thanks for reading, and if you found it useful, please share!

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