When you become consumed by a sport/hobby, you read, watch, and take in as much information as you can about it!

So as most people do when they power lift, I watched a lot of Mark Bells videos on YouTube. I also at the time was a gym owner and had just started a Powerlifting club so I was interested in more than just one facet of Mark Bell and the Super Training brand.

The experience was absolutely fantastic and the people who I had been watching on YouTube were so friendly and helpful. To me, it was up there with a similar experience of visiting Barcelona's FC stadium, Camp Nou.

Sadly the video footage I got was terrible, as I spent my time there enjoying it rather than filming everything. Through all the excitement I hadn't even given it a second thought of what I was going to train when I got there, or how travelling would impact my training. So I did the obvious thing and hit all three lifts (squats, bench press, and deadlift) and just lifted heavy. I actually think the Deadlift at the time was a PB because I had miscounted the LBS to KG's conversion.

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