Supreme Training Gym – Equipment

Supreme Training Gym – Equipment

I wanted to give everyone an idea of what equipment will be available at Supreme Training Gym, most know already, but for the new members here’s a quick list:

  • 4 IPF Specification Combi-Racks (Squat & Bench stations).
  • 1 Heavy Duty Power Cage (comes with band attachments, pins, and multiple pull up attachments).
  • 1 Set of Adjustable Squat Stands.
  • 1 Wall mounted Squat Rack.
  • 1 Set of Adjustable Jerk Blocks.
  • Dumbbells set (5kg to 40kg).
  • Kettlebell Competition set (8kg – 28kg).
  • Strongman Log.
  • Farmers Walk Handles.
  • Specialty Bars (Axle/Cambered/Men’s Weightlifting/Women’s Weightlifting/Safety Squat Bar Attachment/Football Bar/Hex Bar/ Powerlifting Bar).
  • AstroTurf (Red – 48FT in length, and, 6.5FT Wide).
  • Push/Pull – Sled (with many attachments).
  • Cable Machine.
  • Weights (Bumpers/Steel, both calibrated plates up to IWF & IPF Spec).
  • Specialty equipment (Bands/Chains/Eccentric Loading Pins/Hip Circle, Slingshots, Fat Gripz).
  • TRX Suspension Trainers.
  • Abdominal Training (Medicine Balls, Ab Wheel).
  • Conditioning equipment (Concept 2 Rower/Spinning Bike/ Skips/ Punch Bag).
  • Recovery Tools (Foam Rollers/Mobility Sticks/Lacrosse Balls/Steel Roller/Massage Stick/Mobility WOD Posters).
  • 1 Reverse Hyper.

I may have missed some items from the list as I am writing this while sat at home trying to imagine the gym! But above is pretty much every bit of equipment I’ve used over the past years to help people get the results they wanted.

Most importantly, all this equipment means absolutely nothing if you have no idea how to use them. So you will be shown how to use them, and explained why you’re using them.

And remember, the gym will be limited to 30 members. This means the gym is going to be fairly quiet most of the time meaning you can get your training in with no waiting around for equipment.


I will always be on the lookout for new equipment. But only if I believe it is a valuable asset to the gym.

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