YNEPF Winter Open - 2017

YNEPF Winter Open - 2017

So first of all, it’s only fitting to start this of by saying thank you to all the volunteers that make these events run, and run very smoothly. From the loaders and spotters, to the table folk, referees, and all the lifters that turned up and performed. I’d like to say a big well done, and thank you, to the Supreme Training girls (and Dean Collins) who helped out. Whether it’s working the table, or loading, and, spotting. You’re a credit to the club!

Supreme Training Powerlifting Club had eight lifters competing at this competition, and three of the lifters were popping their cherries!

As a coach, I know how difficult it is to enter a competition, not just finding the time to commit to training, but actually getting up the on the platform to be judged. It can be very daunting. So every time one of our lifters puts themselves up there, to be tested, I am extremely proud that they do so to represent our club.

Yes experience makes competing that little bit easier, but it also adds pressure. Pressure to beat your previous PB’s, and improve your total. So I have a lot of respect for lifters who have competed before, and continue to put the work in to do so again. For that never ending pursuit of a greater total. Powerlifters are a greedy bunch who always want more!

Supreme Training’s lifters were:

James Street – AKA – MR 150 Bench: James doesn’t have a 150 Bench, but he’s made it clear that’s his main aim in life… and not 1 kilo over!

This was James’s first competition. He’s been a little bit testing to coach leading up to this competition as he’s always wanting to push himself, which is great, he just needs to learn on when! He had a fantastic first competition, going 7/9.

In true James fashion he nearly got red lighted on his 200kg Deadlift for nodding to the camerawoman.

James finished the day with a, 155KG Squat – 97.5KG Bench – 200KG Deadlift – Totaling 452.5KG.

Leila Thexton – AKA MRS – O00 LaLa: This was Leila’s first powerlifting competition, and she’s been an absolute pleasure to coach. I’ve not had one complaint, one excuse, and she’s always asking questions, which is good!

Leila’s main aim was to come in, gain experience, and set a total to beat next time she competes. As you can tell, James and Leila are total polar opposites! She did just that and some. Ending with a few PB’s.

I’ve never seen someone enjoy a competition as much as she did. The team agreed that we all need to adapt a bit of Leila’s attitude to our own game.

Leila finished the day with a, 75KG Squat – 40KG Bench – 95KG Deadlift – Totaling 210KG.

Lucy Dawson – AKA – MRS Emotional Wreck: You may have seen her cry in the warm up room, and then absolutey nail her lift. This seems to be her ritual!

This was Lucy’s third competition. So she’s one of the ones that should know better, but continues to put herself through this torture, and chases a better total. Training was a bit of a mixed bag for Lucy, but she came away with a rep PB’s close to the competition to give her some confidence. She managed to beat her previous competition total by 10kg and finish 2nd place in her weight category, as well qualifying for the all England’s.

Lucy finished the day with a, 97.5KG Squat – 57.5KG Bench – 130KG Deadlift – Totaling 285KG.

Ellie Norris – AKA – MRS Hates Everything But Bench: This was Ellie’s second competition. She has continued her training from her first competition in August, and improved a shit ton. She was clever enough to learn from any mistakes from her first comp and correct them in this one.

Her Bench Press has been flying, and continues to do so, watch this space for an equipped lifter at Supreme Training. She has even perfected the ‘Owen Hubbard bench press dismount’. Ellie increased her total from her last competition, and missed her last deadlift by inches, which would have had her qualifying for the all England’s!

Ellie finished the day with a, 97.5KG Squat – 62.5KG Bench – 115KG Deadlift – Totaling 275KG.

Louise Marsh – AKA – MRS Fragile: Louise is pretty experienced. She is a good all rounder, but her squat is her stand out lift. And she showcased this by narrowly missing a YNEPF record squat attempt of 153kg by it slipping off her back once she’d stood up and completed the lift, very hard lines! But lessons learnt! She’ll get it next time. After many sulks, and, tantrums, Louise pulled herself together for the deadlifts.

Louise has only hit the total she hit this time once before as a guest lifter at a heavier body weight. So this was officially her new competition total! She qualified for the all England’s, and the British Championships.

Louise finished the day with a, 150KG Squat – 60KG Bench – 150KG Deadlift – Totaling 360KG.

Robyn Turnbull – AKA – Instagram fan girl: Robyn has been lifting with us for a fair few years now (longest serving female member), and has entered several competitions previously. Her training leading up to this competition started off as rehab, and injury prevention on a back injury she stupidly acquired. We spent many months doing submaximal weights, but this built a great foundation to start strength building on, and it showed.

She hit competition PB’s, and qualified for the British Championships, and the all England’s!

Robyn finished the day with a, 127.5kg Squat – 60kg Bench – 145kg Deadlift – Totaling 332.5kg.

Sean Mcphillips – AKA – MR Sean (named by Ray Williams) – AKA MR 600lb – AKA MR 3rd: I’ve been competing for a fair bit now, and have experienced competitions from regional to national levels. The hardest part is trying to juggle coaching and lifting, but so far, with the help of our fantastic team, I’ve managed, and this competition was no different. Everyone chips in and makes a contribution to the team.

The main aim was to hit the qualifying total for the British Championships next year, which is 625kg, which was managed. Then once that was secure, it was time to have a little fun, and see how far I could push myself.

Sean (Me) finished the day with a, 217.5kg Squat – 147.5kg Bench – 272.5kg Deadlift – Totaling 637.5kg.

Rick Randell – AKA – MR Happy: This was Rick’s first competition. But you’d have never known it. He prepared for this competition very well both physically and mentally. Things didn’t go quite as he wanted, but if you know Rick, then you know he sets very high standards for himself.

I as a coach am very happy with how his first competition went. He hit a solid total, finished 3rd, and learned a few things on the journey.

Rick finished the day with a, 220kg Squat – 142.5kg Bench – 250kg Deadlift – Totaling 612.5kg.

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