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Supreme Training's Members Portal is something I have been working on for a while. I wanted somewhere I could jot down things I've learnt over the years to pass on to other strength training enthusiasts. I have over 15 years worth of experience in the health and fitness industry and have coached clients from GP Referrals to Lifters competing on the world stage.

I have thousands of hours worth of experience whether that's, taking group fitness classes, personal training clients, attending or organising strength training seminars, beginner lifting classes, running a powerlifting club and attending countless competitions to compete or support lifters, so hopefully, I can share what I've learnt and what I'm still learning to help others.

Supreme Training Members Portal Features:

  • Blogs.
  • Nutrition Tips.
  • Strength Training Programs.
  • Home, Kettlebell, TRX Workouts, Beep Test, and more.
  • Exercise Library with video demonstrations for nearly 400 exercises.
  • Program Tracker with a built-in percentage calculator.

I'm always updating the members portal, after all its where I upload a lot of my ramblings, thinking, and learning. My clients are a huge influence as to what I post in the members portal. All the years of common questions or queries regarding training and/or nutrition I compile it all together for the members portal.

You can access the members portal by clicking on the RED MEMBERS PORTAL button at the bottom of the page. I would absolutely love for this information to be free, but unfortunately, I have bills to pay...

To access the members portal it will cost you a one-off payment of £20!