Online Coaching

Supreme Training offers online coaching and is recruiting clients now! 

 Online coaching:

Option 1  – £45 per calendar month.


Fully personalised program that is designed specifically for you. This option works by you regularly sending me videos of your lifts and weekly feedback about the sessions so that we can ensure that your progression is as optimal as possible. Communication is paramount with this option, without it it’s just guesswork, with it, it’s a program that is individualised to suit your needs and goals!


With this option you will receive your program via the online members portal and will have access to a huge array of exercises via Supreme Training’s exercise library as well blogs regarding Nutrition and Training that are updated regularly.



£45 per calendar month.

Head Coach

Sean McPhillips

People say...

Rick Randall

I’ve almost been at Supreme for 3 years now. And apart from being stronger physically and mentally. More importantly to me, is that I’ve inherited a family. One of the biggest aspects for Supreme Training is the amazing people who train there. It’s a close family that excels in giving people motivation and an attitude…

Lauren Bennett

If you are looking for a new place to train then I can’t recommend Supreme Training Gym highly enough. Sean makes sure you have a bespoke programme tailored for exactly what you are wanting to achieve and motivates you to reach your potential. I have been training for a couple of years and feel a…

Helen Noteyoung

Sean at Supreme Training provides a safe and positive environment to take your training to the next step whatever that might look like. I started at Supreme Training 2 days a week and have since jumped to 4. The weekly individual program that’s written for me takes any pressure off working out how to develop…