Powerlifting Club

Supreme Training is proud to announce that we are an official affiliated club as of July 2014 with the Yorkshire and North East Powerlifting Federation.

We are committed to ensuring the sport of Powerlifting continues to grow by helping in the development and education of lifters and getting them competition ready.

How it works:

  • You can join Supreme Training Gym and train with our other members – £45 PCM.
  • You can pay as you go to benefit from our powerlifting kit and train with our powerlifters – £10 per visit.
  • Inter-club competitions will be held on a regular basis so that the lifters can gain valuable lifting experience in a competition scenario. Dates to be agreed upon by lifters and coaches.
  • Lifters can expect ultimate support from training, nutrition, supplementation and education on everything from the lifts, anti-doping, equipment and approved kit.
  • You can be coached by Sean online and compete at competitions under Supreme Training Powerlifting Club. 

Supreme Training Powerlifting Club will be organised and coached by myself (Sean Mcphillips) and my good friend and former British Champion Power lifter David O’Brien. David is still active in competitions and has been in the top three at the British Nationals for the last two years including a win in 2012.

David is also the current Yorkshire and North East (Divisional) Senior and Masters bench press and total champion, he has also competed in the Powerlifting commenwealths for England. If you decide to come and train with us at Supreme Training Powerlifting Club you will be in good hands!

We are seeking lifters who want to pursue Powerlifting or who are currently competing but looking for a team to oversee programme design and to work on technique.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Supreme Training Powerlifting Club then please contact me. This club is not limited to men only, more and more women are starting to learn and compete in Powerlifting and we would love to welcome you to our club!


£5 per session or £35 for 4 weeks.


Tuesday 7pm – 9pm

Wednesday  7pm – 9pm

Friday6am – 8am

Saturday9am – 12pm

Sunday2pm – 12pm


Supreme Training Gym
Unit 3A Cadcam Centre 
High Force Road
Riverside Park


Personal Training

PT sessions are tailored towards your goals. Together we will discuss your goals and begin to plan what needs to be done inside and outside of the sessions to ensure you get the results you desire!

Supreme Training Gym

Supreme Training Gym is a semi private facility designed for those looking to take their training seriously and push it to the next level. Our equipment is bespoke-made for us.

Powerlifting Club

Supreme Training Powerlifting Club has been going strong since 2014. We are usually one of the heaviest clubs represented at our regional competitions within the Yorkshire North East.

Body Blast

Body Blast is a small group training class, where the focus is coaching, and doing things correctly and efficiently to get you the desired results.

Head Coach

Sean McPhillips

People say...

Rick Randall

I’ve almost been at Supreme for 3 years now. And apart from being stronger physically and mentally. More importantly to me, is that I’ve inherited a family. One of the biggest aspects for Supreme Training is the amazing people who train there. It’s a close family that excels in giving people motivation and an attitude…

Lauren Bennett

If you are looking for a new place to train then I can’t recommend Supreme Training Gym highly enough. Sean makes sure you have a bespoke programme tailored for exactly what you are wanting to achieve and motivates you to reach your potential. I have been training for a couple of years and feel a…

Helen Noteyoung

Sean at Supreme Training provides a safe and positive environment to take your training to the next step whatever that might look like. I started at Supreme Training 2 days a week and have since jumped to 4. The weekly individual program that’s written for me takes any pressure off working out how to develop…