Testimonials - Personal Training

Rick Randall

I’ve almost been at Supreme for 3 years now. And apart from being stronger physically and mentally. More importantly to me, is that I’ve inherited a family. One of the biggest aspects for Supreme Training is the amazing people who train there. It’s a close family that excels in giving people motivation and an attitude to be the best you can. Coupled with Sean’s expertise of Coaching which is second to NONE. It makes for a very special group of people.

Lauren Bennett

If you are looking for a new place to train then I can’t recommend Supreme
Training Gym highly enough. Sean makes sure you have a bespoke programme
tailored for exactly what you are wanting to achieve and motivates you to
reach your potential. I have been training for a couple of years and feel a
lot stronger and fitter. I would never have thought I would be able to
achieve some of the things I have accomplished and that is all down to the
motivation and guidance from Sean. Coming to the gym isn’t a chore anymore,
it is somewhere I want to be thanks to the friendly, relaxed family
atmosphere. Supreme gym is by far the best place I have ever trained.

Helen Noteyoung

Sean at Supreme Training provides a safe and positive environment to take your training to the next step whatever that might look like.

I started at Supreme Training 2 days a week and have since jumped to 4. The weekly individual program that’s written for me takes any pressure off working out how to develop my skills and fitness by myself.

Other members are always really friendly and supportive which creates a great atmosphere.

James Street

Supreme training is a fantastic facility for strength athletes, sports
enthusiasts or people simply looking to get in better shape. The owner Sean
is a very knowledgeable coach with a wealth of experience. The atmosphere
in supreme training is unrivalled by any commercial gym, all members are
welcoming and friendly which creates a great community of lifters.

I have gained a lot in the 12 months at supreme training. I have improved
my knowledge of the sport of Powerlifting, gained a large amount of
strength and muscle mass and have even competed in two regional completions
after only a year of Powerlifting training. Somehow managing to attain a
3rd place trophy in the under 83kg junior devision.

I couldn't have done any of this without the support of Sean and his
fantastic programming. I couldn't speak highly enough of him, both as a
friend and a coach. I am very grateful for my time at Supreme and I am sad
to have moved on. Despite this I will continue to crush pr's from afar and
return when I get the chance!

Harry Sugden – u74kg Sub Junior British Champion

Sean Mcphillips has been my coach and has helped me a lot over the last 6 months, together with a wide variety of training styles have raised my total around 100kg, he's great to have as a coach, very helpful and knows what he's doing unlike some coaches, also supreme training gym is the best gym I've ever trained at, the atmosphere is amazing, a large group of powerlifters which are all great, over all, Sean and Supreme Training is an amazing place to train and Sean himself.

Peter Williams

I’ve been at Supreme Training for nearly a year now. Sean is a brilliant trainer, he has guided me to reach my goals but also to set new ones for me to chase. The gym itself is excellent. Plenty of equipment ( no waiting ). Everyone is very friendly and only to willing to help you. This is by far the best gym around.

Leila Thexton

I have been attending the powerlifting club at Supreme Training for over a
year now, and I have also had regular personal training sessions with Sean.

Sean is an excellent coach, knowledgeable, patient and able to adapt to
each client's goals and level of experience.

I had very little lifting experience when I started, but thanks to Sean's
advice and encouragement I have dramatically improved my technique in all
my lifts, and my numbers have shot up. I have even started competing in
powerlifting, and I am enjoying every minute of this journey.

Supreme Training is more than just a gym though, it's also a community. I
have found there a group of friendly, supportive people who I look forward
to training with every week. This club spirit has really helped me push
myself even further and makes every training session a pleasure.

I really cannot recommend Sean and Supreme Training enough!

Lucy Dawson

When I joined supreme training I started with the powerlifting for
beginners programme. I found this to be a great way to jump in to the
lifting world and I found it very enjoyable. I was coached brilliantly
throughout the classes and upon completion I was more than capable of
performing the competition lifts and key secondary movements with proper

From then on I have found Sean to keep on top of my Programming ensuring
steady and sensible progression in my strength, utilising specific
accessory work to improve weaker areas.

During my time at supreme Sean has coached me through Four powerlifting
competitions, and has always been with me and the other members to support,
encourage, and to calm my nerves!

All the members that train at the gym are very friendly, helpful and there
is always a good training atmosphere.

You couldnt ask for a better equipped Gym, boasting 5 competition
squat/bench style racks, deadlift/Olympic lifting platform space, fully
kitted bumper weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, lifting accessory’s and high
quality competition standard lifting plates. Along with a variety of modern
conditioning equipment such as an assault bike and skier.

I would recommend supreme training and Sean to any beginner or experienced
lifter. Great gym.

Steven Long

"During my fight camp I worked with Sean on recovery sessions. We went over different types of stretches from dynamic, static and PNF which increased my flexability tremendously, light mobilisation work and foam rolling techniques. I found these sessions hugely benificial as it allowed me to work harder throughout the weeks!"

Gavin Haggerwood – MASC

I have been working with Sean since September 2012 and in that time I’ve gained more lean muscle mass and gained a lot more strength to help me with my events in swimming. I have also improved on my personal bests since I’ve been working with Supreme Training. I’ve found the training really beneficial and setting challenges which need to be beaten!

Rachael Stephenson

I have been doing personal training with Sean since January this year. I do not like going to the gym as I feel I do not push myself and find it gets very boring.

When I started training with Sean he asked me what my personal goals were and what I wanted to achieve from training. My first session was an initial fitness test to see where I needed to improve, it’s fair to say I needed to improve on a lot. Every session is different, there is never two sessions the same.

I have found personal training really enjoyable, the sessions are tough at times but it gets you the results you want. Since training with Sean I have lost inches off my hips legs and arms and can see the results and I am over the moon in how my fitness levels have increased. I have since done the fitness test again which I done on my first session and I halved my time and that was over 5 weeks. I would recommend supreme training to anyone. Sean listens to what you want to get out of the training and also helps you with the nutritional side and gives you advice on what is best to eat. He encourages you every step and encourages you to push yourself further. I will defiantly be carrying on personal training.

Chris Jenkins

I first met Sean on one of his circuit classes. When I wanted to do some personal training to suit my sport I knew who to turn to.

His personal training is superb. After a basic getting to know each other session Sean put together a program for me suited to my goals and targets. He went away and did his homework and came up with exercises I hadn't done before. Every time we trained we did something different. This made it more challenging and interesting. Sean also took the time to send me training sessions that I could do at home or the gym plus useful information on dietary requirements for training days and rest days.

I still keep in touch with Sean for advice and attend his circuit and kettlebell classes. He is always available on the phone or via email for advice and overall I can personally recommend his personal training and his classes would suit beginners or experienced gym goers. I would say the day I started training with Sean and Supreme training it changed my attitude and outlook for the better.

Laura Healey

I started training with Sean at the beginning of the year and before this I didn't do any exercise. The first session was just a fitness test and this made me realise how much I needed to improve. Sean was available to train whenever I wanted to and the location is good and if i wanted to train somewhere else I could.

I trained twice a week and every time it was something different which was good as I became familiar with many different types of training. Sean tried to push me to get the best of my ability out of me so that I would achieve my desired goals. He was very helpful in that if I didn't understand something he was more than willing to demonstrate or help me out.

I now attend the boot camp classes (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and the circuit training class (Tuesday), and I absolutely love these, there are many different levels of fitness and no matter how many people turn up he always makes sure that everyone gets the attention that’s needs. Just like the personal training Sean alternates exercises and every week is something different.

I can see a complete change in my personal fitness and feel that I can achieve a lot better results which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had not started training with Sean. I would recommend either the personal training or the fitness classes are they are both fantastic.

Shonette Bason

I met Sean on twitter and have been training with him for over 8 weeks. I am not a fit person because I have a family and I run my own business.

I met Sean on twitter and have been training with him for over 8 weeks. I am not a fit person because I have a family and I run my own business so struggle for time.

Working with Sean one to one has meant I have lost inches and have a new level of strength & fitness. I have realised that it's ok not to be motivated all the time when you live a busy and hectic lifestyle, but to get someone who is going to motivate you to get fit and be healthy. Sean is that person!


Andrew Craven

I initially started out at Supreme Training’s Circuit Training Class and soon become hooked. The variety of the sessions and the movements along with the great atmosphere in the class kept me interested and coming back for more. This also encouraged me to begin personal training with Sean so I could use his expert advice and have a program tailored to me and my goals. I would 100% recommend Sean and Supreme Training to ain anyone in achieving their goals.

Katie Watson

I have been training with Sean for a while now. I have never felt as fit as I do now and I enjoy exercising more than I have ever done before. I have one to one personal training sessions and occasionally attend Supreme Training’s Circuit Training Class.

Sean is an excellent personal trainer and is always willing to help you whenever you need it. I would highly recommend Sean and Supreme Training to anyone regardless of fitness level.

Sarah Kirk

I have been training with Sean for some months now and am extremely pleased with the programmes he has devised for me, they are not the 'typical' female training regimes that offer no challenges or sweat!! in fact they push me to my limits both mentally and physically. Pushing myself at each session has made me work harder, feel stronger and ultimately see the changes happening week by week.

Sean is encouraging, honest and professional. He works with you to achieve the best results for you and your own shape. At a level he knows you can achieve and improve upon.

I would recommend his training programmes to everyone you will get the results you want with his support and your own hard work and determination. In turn you improve your fitness levels, overall body shape/image and your self-confidence.

Aaron Colley

I came to Sean at Supreme Training because I wanted to build some muscle mass and fitness before I left on holiday for three months. I tried multiple times to try and figure out a good diet and go to the gym, but just never could keep myself motivated for more than a week.

I started attending Sean’s Circuit class on Tuesday and found it fantastic as it was a fun way of keeping fit and every session was different with new and inventive equipment and different variations on exercises. Because of this I started personal training with Sean.

The best thing I found with training with Sean was that he keeps you motivated and pushes you to do things that you would never dream of trying by yourself in the gym, because of this you start to feel the benefits of the training really quickly.

Just talking to Sean you can tell how passionate he is about what he does, and you get the sense that he cares about your goals and what you want out of the training. I personally would recommend him to anyone and would like to thank him for helping me towards my goals!

LLoyd Thomas

I asked Sean to train me for pre-season as I had not yet found a club. He knew my goals and within a few sessions with him the results were evident. It was by no means easy and he works you very hard, but he always gets you reaching your target.

I have now found a club and I am playing semi-professional rugby; thanks to Supreme Training I was ready for the intensity and hard work that is expected at this level.

Graham Stygall

I found Supreme Training through word of mouth and my initial thought was that the packages were extremely well priced.  I met with Sean and we discussed my needs and on the back of that I booked my first few sessions with him. I found the personal training sessions to be tough, but fun - always achievable but every single week it really pushed my boundaries - and I could feel the improvement. I learnt a lot from Sean about exercise, the body and diet.

The Facebook group he created for his clients is a great additional touch - and gives that personal approach that puts him above the rest. IF you are unsure, or new to this, I would highly recommend Supreme Training - and for people returning - he can identify your needs probably before you do!

Jay Bellerby

After trying to lose weight and get healthy on and off over the last few years and never succeeding I decided to get help from a professional and I couldn't have chosen better. 10 weeks later I have lost over four stone and feel better than I have done for years! The training for me was not just physical but also mentally to get me in the right frame of mind, Sean is always pushing me with his programmes to keep the training fresh and interesting, he is always there to push you on when you're struggling but is also very approachable and knowledgeable if you need to know anything. Looking forward to seeing more results and owe it all to Supreme Training!

Karen Cook

I have been training with Sean for over 6 months now, I originally started training for weight loss, however Sean has taught me that this is not just about training but eating right too! Sean is very knowledgeable in both areas (I could do with a mini version of him sat on my shoulder like a conscience when it comes to eating!)I also swim and Sean has adapted my training to suit, allowing me to achieve PB's every gala. Even after a hard days work, I look forward to training and can honestly say I feel much healthier, fitter and stronger! If you want to achieve your goals in a safe friendly environment, then look no further, you have found the best! Thanks Sean.

Vicki Henderson-Thynne

I decided to go for personal training after years at the gym doing the same classes and not seeing any difference in my shape, weight or strength. I also wanted to challenge myself. I decided to go with Sean as he had some excellent recommendations and was very reasonably priced.

I have been working with him for 5 weeks now and have had fabulous results, loosing 11 pounds, 8% of my body fat, 4 and a half inches off my tummy and 2 inches pretty much everywhere else. I also didn't know how strong I was and can be.

I love the sessions as they are always hard but fun and challenging in a good way. Sean is extremely supportive, helpful, knowledgable and is always on hand to answer questions and queries. I don't think I'll ever go back to my gym classes now and would recommend him to anyone.

Adam Whinestone

I first met Sean through a mutual friend who took me along to try Supreme Training's Olympic Lifting Beginners Course.

I found him to be a knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely enthusiastic trainer. It was because of this I was happy to add one to one PT sessions to my schedule.

As an American Footballer compound lifts are key to improving my performance but I had always struggled with deadlifts. Within a few sessions of work once and week I had comfortably added 40kg to my lifts and felt the improvement on the field.

I'd definitely recommend Sean and have seen the results he's achieved with numerous people.

Lindsey Robson

I have been training with Sean for just over a year. I started with four to one training with other girls from my local team. The improvements in my lifts were instant and I was managing to add more weight each week.

Because of how comfortable I feel during the sessions and the results I am seeing I have opted for one on one training as well. Sean has adapted these sessions to be specific to my offensive line position so that I see direct results in the game.

I have not only changed physically but mentally too. I work harder to achieve all my goals and put 100% into training and football, leading to my third GB selection. I travel around 40 minutes each way twice a week to train with Sean. It's totally worth it.

Aishah Aliyah

I started working with Sean after my first ever full contact American Football game. After being taken down several times and struggling to block the bigger girls the Steelers team started strength and conditioning to up our game.

Initially I think I expected to get bigger as well as stronger. A year later the girls are still training and we are loving it. I haven't got any bigger but the improvements in strength is unbelievable. The difference on and off the field is amazing and the other unexpected health benefits are great too.

Sean is a very good trainer, he is supportive constructive whilst pushing you on to achieve PBs week after week. He knows how to work with women who have never lifted before and is very patient when you are yelling you can't at him week after week!

Stuart Sheridan

I started playing rugby when I was 29, I am 6 foot 3 and 22 stone, played 5 aside and was a regular visitor to the gym so thought I had all the attributes to hold my own, how wrong I was. In my first season not only was I so inflexible, players also threw round I like a rag doll half my size, it was quite a wakeup call.

I made the decision to train with Supreme Training over the off-season to improve my weak areas. The difference when I returned to preseason training was clear to see, I was hitting harder, running longer and my flexibility was now allowing me to become a real threat.

At the end of the season I won player of the season and player’s player of the season and this is largely down to the excellent specific training I got from Sean.

Sean is a PT who identifies what you need and pushes you to achieve it.

I cannot recommend Sean highly enough.

Terri Sudron

I currently play Roller Derby for the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers and England Roller Derby. As a coach for The Middlesbrough Milk Rollers I was seeking new ways to get the team to the next level. Part of our area for development was the fitness of the Team.

I stumbled across Supreme Training on another local Teams’ Facebook page. After discussing our requirements with Sean, he implemented a one hour weekly training session for the Team to build on our Strength and Conditioning. I find this session great for improving my strength, fitness and mental toughness. Overall this session is beneficial in helping build a team as we all endure the exercises together. Since beginning Training with Sean MMR have risen in the rankings table to 3rd in the UK as well as currently being ranked 8th in Europe.

In February 2014 I was selected to represent England Roller Derby at the World Cup to be held in Texas, Dallas in December of that year. Part of my preparation for that tournament weekend, in which we’d be expected to play 7 games over 3 days, was personal training sessions with Sean. Sean did a lot of work on my mental toughness during this time, ensuring I would be prepared for the most intense games both physically and mentally. The team came away with 6 out of 7 wins and a silver medal, losing only to USA.

I have also been training Olympic lifting with Sean after completing one of his beginner courses. Since completing the course I have continued training on a weekly basis and have seen significant improvements to the quality of my lifts. The sessions are attended predominantly by women and are in small enough numbers that you are still able to get quality coaching on your lifts. The sessions can include, accessory work with bands, working up to maximum weight lifts, or higher volume sets. All are guaranteed to give you a challenge whatever you’re capable of lifting.

Ella Storey

I've been training with Supreme Training since 2014 just after being selected for England Roller Derby. My local team Middlesbrough Milk Rollers set up a team PT session with Sean to be specific to our sport, which is excellent. I soon started PT sessions with Sean, which prepared me for the Roller Derby World Cup in December.

I've definitely felt improvements to my strength and explosiveness on track by training each week with Supreme, it's also made me much more confident in the gym and more interested in lifting heavy weights too! The Olympic Weightlifting beginner’s course was really useful and Sean is a great coach! I've even started Powerlifting with him now too.

I'd recommend Supreme to anybody serious about specific training for his or her sport, or anyone who wants to get fitter, faster and stronger.

Photo by Jason Ruffell (Roller Derby on Film)

Dean Collins

I have been coming to Supreme Training for just over a year now, which has been my best year yet for training. Having Sean advising me on lifting techniques and programming has really rocketed my lifts and has helped me to achieve PB's time and time again.

Because of Sean, I am now part of his great Powerlifting team who through regular group training has helped me to compete and win powerlifting competitions. With Sean's professional knowledge, excellent gym facilities and top quality equipment I feel I can only get better and do better when it comes to my future training and competitions.

Darren Fields

When I first started training with Sean I had a good level of fitness, but had no real program to follow and was lacking in knowledge about strength and conditioning. After training with Sean for a short period of time and him passing on knowledge in an easy to understand format, I seen noticeable improvements in all physical aspects and my general approach towards training changed for the better.

I have been training with Sean for roughly 6 years now, he has set out a personalised training regime to suit me and help me achieve my individual goals, which are always changing. I also take part in the Power lifting, Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, TRX and Body Blast classes, Sean manages to create a great atmosphere in them all, he conveys his wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand way while also inspiring a great work ethic.

Very friendly and approachable can't recommend his PT sessions and classes enough to anyone looking to better their fitness or personal training.

Gemma Peregrine

I moved to Middlesbrough at the start of 2015 and started training with Sean at Supreme training as part of the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers group PT sessions.

My previous training of running and general strength work was no longer cutting it for my sport but with Sean's focus on sport specific strength and conditioning, my game has improved over the last 6 month.

He keeps it interesting teaching us a variety of lifts and movements while making us push ourselves to achieve our full potential. I am also entering my first novice powerlifting competition soon, before I started at Supreme Training I didn't even know how to squat.

I also attended one of Supreme Training's beginner courses on Olympic lifting and now attend a training session aimed at improving my lifts every week. The atmosphere is supportive and fun while we work on the lifts.

Samantha Jamieson

I've been attending sessions with Sean at the Supreme Training gym for over a year now and really enjoy the variety and intensity of the sessions. I regularly attend the Olympic Weightlifting session and during preseason/off season attend circuit training too.

As a rugby union player the intensity that I train at alters depending on which phase of the season we're in. Sean is always understanding and adapts the content of the sessions to accommodate me and any injuries I may have picked up.

The gym has a great balance of having both really a welcoming and supportive atmosphere coupled with challenging sessions where you can be as competitive as you like!

I would recommend Supreme Training to anyone looking to take their training to the next level whether that might be taking your first steps into getting fitter or trying to compete at a high level in sport.